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Artist of Travel savvy in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Corporate & Leisure Travel

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Note to the Bride & Groom:


You can anticipate genuine attention from your Artist of Travel. I have a Passion for helping others invent their own palette of ideas, apply originality, stir up Creativity with romance and complete Enchanting Masterpieces.


Questions for the Bride and Groom:



Have you chosen a Destination?

Do you want to travel by land or sea? 

What is your Wedding Date?  

How soon after the Wedding would you like to depart?

What do you want to Experience together your first days as Husband and Wife? 

 Do you have your passports?

Where have you traveled before?

What did you most enjoy about those adventures?

What is your budget? (ask us about our budget worksheet)


Include these answers using the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Questionnaire


Check out the Destination Wedding page for ideas and questions to consider when planning



No two weddings are the same, therefore every Honeymoon and Destination Wedding is created to reflect the creativity and passion the two of you share.


Let us help you Create The Canvas of Love while you paint the details!