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Personalize your ceremony




Make the Location Memorable
Not every wedding ceremony must take place in a house of worship. Outdoor locations and other types of ceremony sites can make for ceremonies that are both spiritual and memorable. We personally rented out a castle two hours from home, crossed a bridge with Bag Pipers and were married in front of the castle! 



Refresh Your Guests
Welcome and refresh your guests by serving lemonade, iced tea or water. It´s a nice touch, and your guests will appreciate the gesture. Depending on the season or nature of your wedding, you can use your refreshment of choice to tie in the theme or style of the day.

Get Personal with Decorations

Who says your ceremony decorations must be floral? You can do Glass Vases with colored stones, ribbons,or feathers. There are many decoration themes you can go with.


Customize Your Programs-
Summer brides – how about programs in the shape a seashell?

Winter Brides- how about programs in the shape of a Snowflake?


Make your entrance Grand

Ride in on a horse, or be escorted by a pet or perhaps both parents instead of just one.


Personalize the Aisle Runner

You can personalize your runner with your monogram, a picture or a logo


Beyond "Here comes the Bride"

Play your favorite song and make a memorable substitute!


Who is Who in the Bridal Party

If your best pal happens to be a guy then have a "man of honor" same goes for the best man, there is no rule that says the have to be the same gender as you


Try the Sand Ceremony 
      Combine sand into a beautiful bowl or vase. The sand can be  two colors, creating a visual representation of the joining of two families.

Something you can keep and cherish forever.

Write your own Wedding Vows, Readings, Poems
This may take a long time or could be spoken on the spot either way it will surely be a moment to remember for the two of you and your audience.