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Have you ever traveled as a group? How much fun would it be to travel with friends and family??..... A TON!!
What kind of groups travel together?
Family Reunions, friends getaways, Destination Weddings, Association groups, no matter what kind of group you have Noble Travel can help.
How many guests make a group?
A group should be a minimum of 10 guests, depending on the type of group the minimum could be more to qualify for discounted rates or promotions.
We have guests traveling from all over will that be a problem?
Not at all this information wil help us determine which kind of program would best fit your group
Not everyone in our group wants to travel the same dates
This is okay, we have flexible group options that will allow for all guests to enjoy a discount and travel within the dates the group has selected
What kind of discount will my group get?
The discount depends on many factors, how many guests, dates of travel, destination, travel type such as cruise or land resorts.
How much is a deposit for group travel?
Deposits are usually $150-$300 per person depending on type of travel and travel dates
Do we have to purchase insurance?
Traveling with insurance is not mandatory however it is highly recommended.
What kind of options do we have?
2 most common options for group travel are Contracted group or Flexible group.
Contracted groups will all travel on the same days and from the same city, this would guarantee a rate for air and room accommodations. Deposits due within 7 days of contracting rates and availability.

Flexible groups are for those who may have guests in different cities and who may want to travel with more flexibility for dates. Rates are not guaranteed however the group will have an exclusive promotion code that will save guests $$ depending on cost of travel. Guests will reserve at their leisure.

What is included by reserving my group with you?
Noble Travel offers your group the best customer service in the industry, we work with the group members individually to answer questions. We have provided presentations via power point, in person and over the phone for groups with guests in different cities. We offer options such as a web page for your guests with information, email blasts to interested guests, we track your guest list and give you updates, we are available 24/7 during your groups travel dates. We are home based which allows much flexibility for evening & weekend calls. Many of our partner suppliers also offer promotions for groups such as VIP check in, private cocktail parties, upgraded rooms, exclusive amenities, free rooms, rebates and more. The group inclusions will vary by request. 
Does everyone in the group have to book with you?
In order to provide the best rates and guarantee all guests are recognized with the group it is recommended everyone reserve within the group. Promotions and discounts that are offered by Noble Travel will not be honored if guests reserve outside of the group.
We look forward to working with you and your group!